Policy & Legislation
2018 - Archive

 2018 NAMI California Bill List

Bills are selected for support based on how well they match 2018 affiliate and member priorities as well as NAMI California’s policy platform. The finalized list goes through a multi-step approval process in which it is reviewed by staff, NAMI California's policy committee, and and NAMI California's full board. 

NAMI California-Sponsored Legislation

SB 1363 Crisis Intervention Training for Police Officers, Voluntary Contribution Fund

AB 680 Adopting Two Mental Health Training Courses For Local Public Safety Dispatchers

Information on Important Legislation

SB 906 Creating Certified Peer Support Specialists

SB 968 Increasing Mental Health Counselors on University Campuses

SB 1010 Supportive Housing Pilot Program for Parolees

SB 1125 Allowing Same Day Visits for Healthcare and Mental Health Treatment 

SB 215 Creating a Pretrial Diversion Program 

AB 2022 Increasing Mental Health Professionals on K-12 Campuses

AB 1971 Redefining Gravely Disabled 

AB 1795 Transporting Patients in Crisis Directly to a Behavioral Health Facility 

SB 1045 Expanding Conservatorship in Certain Cases

SB 1101 Establishing Mental Health Statewide Objectives