write a committee: Letters for policy and fiscal Committees

Committee members are the people who actually vote on a bill in the early stages of making a law. They are in charge of holding hearings to get information from the public and they generally want to hear from people and communities. Letters to committee members educate each member of the committee on how the public feels about a bill. In writing to a committee, you share your and your organization's stance on a bill and the reasons why you support or oppose it - to ultimately inform each committee member's decision on how to vote on the bill.

Write your representative: Letters for floor votes

Once a bill passes out of committee, it moves to the floor where the author of the bill can bring it up for a vote. Letting your representative know how you feel about the bill is an important advocacy action to inform how representative votes on a bill on the floor. 


The following bills have upcoming hearings or are eligible to be heard on the floor. To create a letter, use one of the below templates, or write your own. Send letters to advocacy@namica.org and our team will make sure it gets to the right place. 


SB 1363 Crisis Intervention Training for Police Officers, Voluntary Contribution Fund

SB 906 Creating Certified Peer Support Specialists

SB 968 Increasing Mental Health Counselors on University Campuses

SB 1010 Supportive Housing Pilot Program for Parolees

SB 1125 Allowing Same Day Visits for Healthcare and Mental Health Treatment 

SB 215 Creating a Pretrial Diversion Program 

AB 1971 Redefining Gravely Disabled 

SB 1045 Expanding Conservatorship in Certain Cases