NAMI Smarts Teacher Training

july 27-29th
larkspur landing hotel
sacramento, CALIFORNIA

NAMI California will conduct its first NAMI Smarts Teacher Training from July 27th – 29th at the Larkspur Landing Hotel in Sacramento, California.

Training attendees will become empowered to teach and deliver the NAMI Smarts curriculum to Affiliates and the individuals and families they serve across the state.

NAMI Smarts is a hands-on advocacy training program that helps individuals and families transform their passion and lived experience into skillful grassroots advocacy. This curriculum is taught as a series of three 1-2 hour modules or as a single full-day training. Modules are designed to teach individuals how to: tell a compelling and inspiring story that makes an “ask” in 90 seconds; create an effective email, elevator speech, and phone call; and engage successfully in meetings with elected officials. Additional modules discuss mental health parity and protecting choice.  

NAMI Smarts is effective with a wide range of participants, including those who are new to advocacy as well as individuals with years of experience. Anyone interested in mental health advocacy can benefit from NAMI Smarts. As a NAMI Smarts teacher, you will help guide these individuals down the path of effective advocacy.  

To participate in the training, you must receive approval of affiliate lead to attend training.

If you are interested in applying, please fill out the application and submit it to  

CLICK HERE for the
NAMI Smarts for Advocacy Teacher Training Application