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Project Community: Mental Illness - A Matter of the Mind - KCRA

Groups are bringing treatment and recovery where it's needed most -- inside the family home, the court system and homeless camps.


NAMI helps families understand mental health issues - Lodi News-Sentinel

When their son was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia 22 years ago, Gertie and Tasso Kandris felt helpless in their quest for information…


Non-lethal force: Crisis intervention academy shows officers a different way - Voices of Monterey Bay

For almost two decades, Monterey County has been trying to bridge tensions between law enforcement and citizens who are in the throes of mental health crises. It was among the first jurisdictions in the nation to establish a countywide Crisis Intervention Training academy, and state Sen. Anna Caballero is pushing legislation that would require every police officer in California to receive similar crisis training…

peer mental health workers....PNG

Peer Mental Health Workers Could Become State-Certified Under Proposed California Law - Capital Public Radio

California lawmakers are considering a bill that could help build a workforce of people living with mental illness to help guide others in need of services toward care.

When Eric Bailey landed in a San Diego hospital after a mental health crisis in 2013, he says he was at the end of his rope…

A problem, A movement.PNG

A Problem, A Movement: What We’re Learning About Suicide in Amador County - Capital Public Radio

A crowd of nearly 50 people from Amador County and surrounding communities gathered in Sutter Creek last month to discuss suicide risk in rural California and what community members can do. It was a conversation that residents said would not have happened a few years ago, and would still be considered taboo in most circles….