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NAMI Urban Los Angeles: Music. Community Conversation. Telling Our Stories II.


Come out and join NAMI Urban LA to learn about all things mental health, wellness and healing for the event presented by NAMI Urban Los Angeles titled, “Music. Community Conversation. Telling Our Stories II.” The purpose of this event is to shed light on mental health, mental illness and share our gifts and talents with the community through a panel discussion of mental health clinicians and advocates, a series of musical and poetry performances, as well as a mix and mingle section with art displays by some of the participants. It will focus on mental health and communities of color. This event is taking place in honor of September Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, the link as more details on the month and it’s purpose.


Hot and Cool Cafe
4331 Degnan Blvd
LA, CA 90008

Time: 2-7 PM

Panel Talk: 2:30-4:30 PM

Live Performances: 4:30-6 PM

Mix/MingleL 6-7 PM


Event Background:

This event was created and led by Marguerite Alexis Ferrera ( It is part two of an event she produced with NULA in September 2017.

Marguerite is the School Based Programs Outreach Coordinator and Social Media Coordinator at NULA. She is also a musical artist, reiki practitioner and wellness advocate. Follow the NAMI Urban LA page on instagram @namiurbanla, her along with all of the other amazing panelists and performers featured in this amazing FREE event! Register at the link and you’ll find their info there too!


Dr. Shena Young, PsyD, Body Inclusive Clinical Psychologist

BJ Williams, Educator, Mental Health Advocate

Lauren Ludlow, MSSA, Social Worker, Therapist, Community Educator

Terrence Stewart, MSW, Psychiatric Social Worker

Marguerite Alexis, Artist, Reiki Practitioner, Wellness Advocate

Charmel Catrell, Actress, Writer, Author

Shelley Bruce, Painter, Poet

TAZ Tikoon, Recording Artist & Mental Health Advocate

Queen Faith, Musicians