Recovery Focus: Peer Support Specialists

Many individuals who have built resilience on the path to recovery find empowerment and meaning through using their own personal experience to help others. Individuals with a lived experience of mental illness are profoundly suited to provide powerful guidance to others on a similar journey. Research shows that the use of peer support specialists in a treatment protocol helps to reduce hospitalizations, improve functioning, increase satisfaction, and alleviate depression among patients.

For these and other reasons, we have chosen to highlight SB 906 this May.  SB 906 is a critical piece of legislation that allows qualified peer providers – people who have lived experience as clients, family members, or caretakers of individuals recovering from mental illness or addiction – to be certified by the state to deliver services to other individuals with such disorders

Add your voice in support of SB 906 – legislation that not only honors the importance of lived experience, but also creates long-term sustainable employment for individuals on their own path to recovery. Visit our SB 906 Action Center to learn more about SB 906, peer certification, and how you can help!